Descendants Poster

Descendants is an original Disney Channel Movie. Starring: Dove CameronSofia Carson Booboo Swewart, Cameron Boyce and Mitchell Hope. The movie received positive reviews and 6.6 million viewers.

Prince Ben, Belle and Beast son, invites the children of villains into the kingdom. However, Maleficent only wanted them to go so they could grab the fairygodmother's wand. Mal, thought that Ben needed a new girlfriend, so she made a love potion, that looked like a cookie. After Jay, learned the truth of sports and how to make a team, Mal said it was their only chance to prove that they were evil and mean. Once it was Mal and Ben's FIRST date, the love potion washed away, but Ben still had feelings for Mal. After that Mal had less evilness in her, but half evil remaining. Once it was time for the coronation, Jane, the fairy godmother's child took her mother's wand, directing at the Isle Of The Lost, causing it to free the villains. Maleficent came to the castle froze everyone, except Mal, Jay, Carlos, and Evie . Maleficent told Mal, that she had no room for love and it was weak, and ridiculous. When Jay bothered Maleficent, Maleficent turned into the dragon once again. It was soon Mal vs. Maleficent. Maleficent lost once again, and shrank to the love in her heart. Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos kept their promise of being good.